The Russian edition of Jan Paulsson`s book «The Idea of Arbitration»

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Russian translation of the book «The Idea of Arbitration» by Jan Paulsson. The publisher of the Russian translation is the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration.

The book written by Professor Jan Paulsson, one of the most famous scholars and practitioners in the sphere of alternative dispute resolution, analyzes the core and nature of arbitration, not only from a legal, but also from a philosophical point of view. The author of the book explores the various challenges that arbitration as a method of alternative dispute resolution dealt with in the past and in the present in the context of national legal orders – as well as on a global scale.

The book is recommended for judges, arbitrators, practicing lawyers, academics, teachers, graduate students and law students, as well as for anyone interested in international commercial arbitration.

The Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration expresses its gratitude to the partners, without whom the publication of the book would be significantly difficult:

  • «Ivanyan and Partners» Law firm
  • «Regionservice» Law firm
  • «Redstone Chambers» Law firm

А presentation of the Russian translation of the book «The Idea of Arbitration» by Jan Paulsson will take place within the framework of the Russian Arbitration Week. The date and time of the event will be announced soon.

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