About the Academy for Arbitrators

In autumn of 2023, the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration conducts the first Academy for Arbitrators - an intensive practice-oriented course for experts wishing to be appointed as arbitrators in the future, as well as already experienced arbitrators who want to improve their knowledge and skills in arbitration.

The Academy is dedicated to the nuances of the arbitration proceedings from the arbitration agreement to the arbitral award. The speakers will describe the approaches of different jurisdictions to those issues and share their experience of handling procedural complexities: choice and interviewing of arbitrators, conflicts of interest, structuring the proceedings and the hearing, interaction with witnesses and experts, examination of evidence and its request, and requirements to the award.

This course might be interesting to:

- experienced litigation lawyers looking for further professional advancement;

- in-house lawyers who want to try themselves as arbitrators;

- professors and researchers;

- parties' representatives in arbitration who also want to be appointed as arbitrators in the future;

The working language: Russian.

Format: offline and online.

The Academy will be held on Saturdays from late October to late November 2023 over 4 days.

Terms of participation:

To participate, you must have at least 8 years of professional experience and pass the selection process on the basis of an application and CV. 

Participation fee: in-person – 10 000 rubles, online – 8 000 rubles.

Deadline for applications: 20 October 2023

Registration is available via the link.