Modern Arbitration: LIVE


  • Work and Development of the Vienna International Arbitration center
  • Interview with Gary Born
  • Peculiarities of the work of Russian law experts in foreign courts. Introduction.
  • Specifics of the procedure for selecting an expert in Russian right order.
  • Some procedural features of an expert in Russian order.
  • Description of the procedure for drawing up an expert opinion on Russian order.
  • Participation of an expert in Russian right in court proceedings.
  • Practical aspects of selection and appointment of arbitrators.
  • Activities of the arbitrator.
  • The parties' right to choose an arbitrator and its limitations.
  • Strategies for selecting and appointing arbitrators.
  • Specifics of dispute resolution in the field of intellectual property.
  • Overview of Singapure International Arbitration Center`s activity with Kevin Nash
  • Overview of recent novelties in 2018 DIS Rules
  • Participation of witnesses in international arbitration.
  • Interview with Joe Liu