About the Institute

Our Activities

The Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration is aimed at promoting and popularizing arbitration in Russia. It has a goal of increasing attractiveness of Russia as a place for business and dispute resolution. The RIMA regularly hosts conferences and workshops devoted to development of arbitration.

The Russian Arbitration Center, administering arbitration of private law disputes, is founded at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration.

Our Goal

Development and popularization of professional and independent arbitration in Russia.

Our Mission

The Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration intends to become a free and open platform. It wishes to unite Russian and foreign specialists, businessmen and scholars, who are interested in promotion of ADR in Russia and who are ready to create a high-quality school of arbitration comparable to the best international ones.

Our Principles and Values

We are always open to any form of discussion
We appreciate any and all points of view
We engage those who are interested in arbitration and unite them
We respect everyone's dignity
We balance between the theory and practice