Collection of articles "New Horizons of International Arbitration"

We are glad to announce that the seventh issue of the collection of articles "New Horizons of International Arbitration" has been released!

Traditionally, the collection embodies the result of a huge amount of work carried out within the framework of the Russian Arbitration Day (RAD) – one of the most successful arbitration events in Russia – and includes the researches conducted by the conference participants.

This year, unfortunately, the RAD did not take place. However, after consultations with the authors, we decided to publish a collection with all the articles prepared by the scholars. We believe that the purpose of the RAD is to further develop and popularise alternative dispute resolution, and therefore we are very pleased to invite our readers to discover the most topical issues in the field of commercial and investment arbitration and mediation, as well as non-trivial and curious solutions of the related problems, proposed by the authors.

The collection introduces a Russian-language version of the article by Professor Jan Paulsson about promises made by states and their implications for foreign investors. We want to express our gratitude to Professor Paulsson for the opportunity to translate this article into Russian and publish it. It gave us the feeling of being involved in the study, which so clearly demonstrates how difficult it is to find a balance between the interests of investors and states.

We would especially like to thank our partners with whose support we were able to publish the collection and present its new issue - the educational project Legal Academy and Petrol Chilikov law offices.

Collection of articles "New Horizons of International Arbitration"