Confidentiality Policy

In accordance with Article 21 of the Federal Law “On arbitration (arbitration proceedings) in Russian Federation” and Article 24 of the Arbitration Rules arbitration is confidential.

Confidentiality of arbitration encompasses:

  • existence of arbitration;
  • submissions, evidence, any documents related to arbitration, any documents submitted by Parties to arbitration and any information that became known in the course of arbitration;
  • arbitral award.

Unless the Parties agreed otherwise and arbitrators and third parties consented to it, no information on a particular arbitration shall be published on the website except for:

  • explanatory part of arbitral award without naming the Parties, third parties and Arbitral Tribunal and without information allowing to identify subject-matter and circumstances of the dispute;
  • information on arbitration of a corporate dispute required to be published by effective legislation of Russian Federation.