Andrey Gorlenko will be stepping down as General Director of the RIMA and the Executive Administrator of the RAC

Starting from December 2019, Andrey Gorlenko will be stepping down as General Director of the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration (RIMA) and the Executive Administrator of the Russian Arbitration Center (RAC), to join Ivanyan & Partners law firm as partner.

Andrey has been at the helm of the RIMA since its foundation in August 2016, and had supervised the project to create the RAC in the six months before that.

In the last three years, under Andrey’s direction and supervision, the RAC succeeded in inviting over 350 of the best Russian and foreign arbitrators, drafting one of the best arbitration rules, opened three regional divisions and one specialized division, organized numerous events on the development of ADR, and gained a reputation of a truly professional arbitral institution not only in Russia, but also abroad.

As Director of the RAC, Andrey assembled a talented team, working daily to develop and promote arbitration meeting the best global standards and practices, in Russia.

“The RAC has indeed reached serious heights thanks to the coordinated work of the entire team – the Executive Administrator, the employees of the Administrative Office and the members of the Board. We hope that the Russian Arbitration Center will keep up its work and continue demonstrating high quality performance in all areas of its professional activity,” says the President of the RAC Board and President of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Yury Pilipenko.

Andrey has also been nominated for the position of member of the RAC Board, whose composition will be renewed in December 2019 – January 2020.

The office of the RAC Executive Administrator and the General Director of the RIMA will be taken up by Yulia Mullina. From the beginning of 2016, Yulia had worked on the project to create the RAC, and is now the Legal Counsel for the RAC.

“Yulia had been there since the very first day of the project to create the RAC and has a lot of love and care for the RAC and its tight-knit team, same as me. Yulia has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives the team faces in the long-term: to promote and develop arbitration in Russia, as well as to keep enhancing the quality of administration of disputes at the RAC in order to meet the demanding requirements and expectations of our customers and arbitrators. Throughout three and a half years, Yulia has been active in almost all areas of the Center’s work and has proven herself to be a talented and vigorous member of the team. I have no doubts that in the new capacity of Executive Administrator, too, Yulia will keep the RAC growing at the same pace and lead its team to new successes,” Andrey Gorlenko says.