New Era of Arbitration in Russia

The transitional period envisaged by the new law on arbitration in Russia enacted in September 2016 expires today. As of now only those arbitration institutions that comply with the high standards of the new law and that have obtained authorization from the Russian Government are entitled to administer arbitration in Russia.

Arbitration Center at the Institute of Modern Arbitration is one of the first arbitral institutions in Russia that obtained the status of the permanent arbitration institution (PAI). During the transitional period the activities of the Arbitration Center were aimed at promoting and developing arbitration in Russia.

The nearest plans of Arbitration Center at the institute of Modern Arbitration are:

  • conducting practical trainings for arbitrators;
  • organizing arbitration moot courts for students, including the first Russian moot court on arbitration of corporate disputes on 1-2 December 2017;
  • organizing round tables and conferences in the Far Eastern Region of Russia, including based in the recently opened Far East Division of the Arbitration Center in Vladivostok;
  • developing cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • organizing Russian Arbitration Day 2018.

The Arbitration Center administers arbitration in a modern and efficient manner. Our goal is an impartial, professional and final resolution of disputes of any complexity in accordance with the world-class standards.